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Acunar is an exciting business building and business growth platform. We work to establish strategic partnerships between members and business projects.

We also work to cultivate relationships to enable crowd funding of projects and business promotion through the platform.


Membership Benefits

It is free to become a member of Acunar. This allows you to access exclusive products and services from our strategic partner.

We also give you the ability to buy and sell exclusive tokens through our partner exchange.

You can also become a corporate user and find partners to support your project.

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What is Orexcoin?

Orexcoin is a gold backed cryptocurrency designed to be stable in an unstable world. Each Orexcoin is backed with 1 centigram of gold.

To get Orexcoin, please log into your Acunar members area and follow instructions. Check the Orexcoin website for more information on the coin. By partnering with Plutonex, we can work with a larger base of coin users



Acunar is committed to provide our customers with the best possible service and satisfaction from your purchase.

You can contact Acunar support team by filling out the form below or by writing to [email protected]
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