What is Acunar?

Acunar provides an innovative software platform where buyers and sellers of exclusive products and services can come together. The software is designed to track sales and provide affiliates with advanced commission tracking through multiple levels of rewards structure.

The sophisticated software tools are designed to connect producers and consumers more precisely, speedily and easily than ever before and cut out the middle man. The savings made from creating a more efficient distribution chain allows us to reward our affiliates.

We take pride in our commitment to business excellence, caring for people and their communities, and our concern for the environment. We are committed to doing what is right, rather than doing just whatever 'works'.


Why choose Acunar?

Next generation network marketing company
Country specific network of products and merchants
One network where you can earn commission from many product types
High quality products for competitive price
Integrated exchange and payment solution within Acunar
Fantastic customer service
Great team behind the Acunar
Opened to affiliates, customers and merchants
Scales more efficiently by eliminating gatekeepers
Unlocks new sources of value creating the supply
Creates community feedback loops by using data-based tools
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